The biggest styling sins on hair

Unkempt styling products
Actually, it is part of the daily routine to clean your styling products, such as brush, comb and Co. But very few people know that this is not enough to get the products properly clean. Daily brushing removes residues of shampoos and other care products. These make the hair quickly greasy when used and the hair becomes flabby. For this reason, you should clean the styling helper after each use of the hair and in addition brush and Co. about every two weeks with lukewarm water and a little shampoo to clean. Furthermore, you should make sure with round brushes that they have no protruding bristles, which ensures rough hair surfaces and split ends.

Brush wet
Brushing in the wet state is a killer for beautiful hair, because then the lengths are extremely sensitive and even the slightest jolts ensure hair breakage. Therefore, do not rub hair dry or brush when wet, but let it dry or blow dry and then style it. Furthermore, the golden rule is: never with wet hair in bed, that makes the hair also fragile.

Thin rubbers with metal
Thin hair elastics take our hair to breathe the air and provide for close ties for hair breakage. The tighter the bond, the brittle the mane. In any case, woman should make sure that the hair elastics have no metal bond. When pulling out the hair elastic hair can catch and break the metal binding.

Over-cared hair
When we have dull and brittle hair, we often tend to blind actionism. But unfortunately the over-care with cures and conditioners makes the hair still broken. This is mainly due to the silicones contained in the products. These make the hair smoother and smoother in the first instance, but in the long run the silicones are spread over the hair and make it dull. When buying, you should make sure that no “Dimethicone” and no “polysiloxanes” are included. In addition, once a week, a cleansing shampoo, which removes residues from the hair helps.

Too long hair
Who does not want you, dreamlike long model hair. But many take the “grow long” a bit too offensive. But few to no hairdresser visits are not a good idea. The result are broken tips and brittle hair. If you want long hair, you should go to the barber regularly and get the tips cut. So the whole project takes a bit longer, but you end up with healthy and long hair. Who does not regularly cut the tips, gets split ends, which then pulls up the hair and ruined the whole mane.

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